Wedding Mistakes You Wouldn’t Even Know

If there’s one piece of advice I can give anyone planning a wedding, it is that there will be something that goes wrong and that is okay. I went into our wedding constantly telling myself this, as someone who likes control and perfection I know I had to keep my expectations in check and remind myself that something will go awry and I needed to roll with it.

I thought it would be the weather as getting married at the end of September could go anyway, hot or cold, rainy or sunny, etc. Weather is something you 100% have no control over so while I hoped we could get married outside in the beautiful garden, I had a backup plan and positive attitude if we had to pivot. Luckily though, it was the most gorgeous day weather- wise. That’s not to say everything went perfectly.

To keep it real I thought I’d share somethings that didn’t go perfectly. Honestly though, no one noticed these things!

  1. Our sweet flower girl Camille did not want to walk down the aisle herself, which I already thought so had a beautiful Smith & Quinn dress for her mother to wear and walk her down. Camille also just didn’t want to walk period. lol! She spent the first few minutes dragging on the ground, rolling around and dropping to her feet. I thought we were going to have her dad come in and just take her off to the side but luckily she eventually made it down the aisle and had everyone laughing.
  2. Speaking of walking down the aisle, I forgot to grab my bouquet from my MOH for the walk back down after we said our vows. We had to re-stage our aisle pictures after the fact with my flowers.
  3. When it came time for our champagne tower pour, I didn’t realize we would need to pour both bottles and had 1 rosé and one brut bottle which made for our own blend of colorful bubbles!
  4. About a month before the wedding Will and I decided we wanted to do traditional first dances which we previously hadn’t planned on. This meant we didn’t take dance lessons and winged our dance, my dance with my father and Will’s dance with his mom. Looking back it would have been ideal to have something slightly choreographed.
  5. The beautiful vintage yellow car that we were supped to get into at the end of the night after the sparkler exit would not start so we rode the bus back with everyone else. Luckily though, we were able to get pictures with the car.

My point is that even with these little glitches it was still the most magical day ever and these things make for funny stories.

Photography by Always Avery 

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