Hi, I'm Patricia!

Patricia Maristch

I'm the owner of Piqued PR, host of The Preppy Podcast and blogger sharing my favorite finds to entertain in style and decorate with color and pattern.

I've always been passionate about entrepreneurship. Growing up I watched my grandfather run his own successful business while simultaneously making my grandmother play "Ms. Maristch" (my maiden name) with me at his desk with an old office phone.

I grew to love fashion via shopping. I'd spend my Saturdays as a little kid shopping with my mom and grandmother as my dad and grandfather worked. As a teen I would clean the house for more allowance money to head to the mall with. Clothing and accessories can give you confidence, making you feel put together and ready to conquer anything. It's like pretty armor.

In college I studied fashion merchandising and communications PR with my sights set on working in fashion PR. It was here I also started my very first blog, way back in 2012.

Since then I've created my dream job, owning Piqued PR where I work with lifestyle brands across the country helping them obtain press, plan events and coordinate influencer marketing. It makes me so happy being a small part helping other entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

Patricia Mae Olson

In 2020 when the world shut down I witnessed so many of my clients, friends and favorite preppy brands struggling.

The preppy podcast

With some extra time on my hands I decided to do something about it and start The Preppy Podcast. Every Tuesday I share an interview with the brands, businesses and influencers who are keeping the modern preppy lifestyle alive.

Latest episodes

On September 17, 2022 I married my best friend, travel partner and fellow wine enthusiast Will. With a new last name I decided it was time for a rebrand and new blog.

Patricia Olson Piqued PR

Today you'll find everything from how I'm setting my table for the holidays to my favorite new outfit to the current home projects we're tackling and what wine I'm sipping.

You can keep up with my travels, my segments, the latest podcast episodes and get in touch to work with me on a PR project all in one place here.

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The Preppy Podcast

New episodes every Tuesday with the brands, influencers and businesses keeping the modern preppy lifestyle alive.

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