Top 10 Places for Preppy Ornaments

preppy ornaments

Today I’m sharing with you my top 10 places for preppy ornaments! If you’re like me then you’ll find so many preppy ornaments through these sources that you’ll just adore and make your Christmas tree unique.

  1. Dashing Trappings has an assortment of decor oriented ornaments such as staffordshire dogs and foo dogs for a chinoiserie chic Christmas
  2. The Grove is one of my favorite boutiques for just about everything from clothes to decor and even ornaments
  3. Emily McCarthy Shoppe carries ornaments with a preppy southern twist that I love
  4. Hale House is a boutique I always visit in person when I’m in Dallas/Fort Worth but lucky for us they have a well stocked online shop with cute ornaments
  5. Paper Source I love this shop for cards and gift wrap as well as their holiday ornament selection
  6. Anthropologie always has amazing decor and their ornaments are just as unique
  7. Biscuit Home offers so many fun whimsy ornaments for your Christmas tree
  8. Vivid Hue Home is known for their colorful decor and their ornaments don’t disappoint either
  9. Grace Lane Atelier is an interior designer I’ve followed for a whole and when she opened her online boutique and found it stocked with gorgeous ornaments I was thrilled
  10. Glitterville is the Mecca for fun party decor, they have over 5 page just dedicated to ornaments

If you’re looking for more Christmas ideas check out this post on my Nutcracker table setting. I’d love to hear in the comments below where your top places to shop for preppy ornaments are and how you decorate for the holidays.

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