Cohesion holds the water molecules together, while adhesion helps the water molecules stick to glass or plant tissue. These forces act on a substance at the same time. In chemistry, cohesion is a measure of how well molecules stick to each other or group together. It is effectively a subset of coherence. Creates a sense of belonging 4. Some types of glass are treated with a wetting agent or surfactant to reduce the amount of adhesion so that capillary action is reduced and also so that a container delivers more water when it is poured out. 1. To Halliday, ‘lexical cohesion comes about through the selection of [lexical] items that are related in some way to those that have gone before’ (p. 310, 330). Not strictly a linear scale. Type. lexical cohesion, is based on lexical content and background knowledge; Methods of Cohesion with Examples. Cohesion in English Essay Example for Free - Sample 2038 words. Fights exclusion and marginalisation 3. Type cohesion: modules that support a data abstraction. Each water molecule can form four hydrogen bonds with neighbor molecules. This guide covers the five elements of emotional intelligence and their relevance to characterizing a successful leader. Unlike coupling this need not be a pairwise (relative to other modules) measure. They are one of the features tested in exams of academic English, including the IELTS test and the TOEFL test.This page gives information on what cohesion is and how to achieve good cohesion. Picture cohesion as the bricks and cement which make up the building. Textual coherence implies a clear presentation of the information in a way that facilitates its understanding. The surface tension produced by cohesion makes it possible for light objects to float on water without sinking (e.g., water striders walking on water). Strong cohesion will reduce relations between modules - minimise coupling; Types of Cohesion. Ties: