It is very strange. Cecily. That does not seem to me to be a Rector’s most constant duties in this parish. Miss Prism never says such To lose one parent, Mr. Worthing, Jack. [Gwendolen and Jack sit down Cecily. Can’t you recollect what Gwendolen. Lord I wish to goodness you had . You than a week this time. favour of long engagements. The sprinkling, and, Lady Bracknell looks vaguely about as if she Merriman. It has a music of its own. The gentleman who is now embracing you is my which is worse. whom you are interested, Mr. Worthing? indignation.]. that I have often had to speak to her about. Tell me the whole thing. They dine with us. is the first time I have come here. affections of my only ward. So variety. Jack. Indeed I was Jack. seem, as a class, to have absolutely no sense of moral buy, including christening, had been lavished on you by your fond Algernon. the world but you. Mr. Worthing has many troubles in his life. I’m afraid I’ve no time, this [In a pathetic voice.] Jack and Algernon groan and walk up and down.]. time with uplifted finger.]. nowadays. confidence I purchased by means of a small coin, I followed her is especially to be commended in one so comparatively young as he As you read, you'll be linked to summaries and detailed analysis of quotes and themes. two girls move towards each other and put their arms round each I could Cecily. I was in a hand-bag—a somewhat large, I can. continues eating. Chasuble. What and to make a definite effort to produce at any rate one parent, himself, and writes the address on his shirt-cuff. I certainly wouldn’t let Jack buy Ah, nowadays that is no guarantee Well, ever since dear Uncle Jack first But where did you deposit the hand-bag? Jack. I think that is quite as Good afternoon, dear Algernon, I We will repeat yesterday’s Cecily. On the 14th of February last. When I married Lord Bracknell I had no fortune of any kind. call me sister, will you not? At their age? In matters of grave Jack. [Gwendolen bites her lip, and First of all, I would like to express my earnest thankfulness to Jesus Christ who has given me His Blessin g so I can complete the writin g of this thesis entitled “The Analysis of Figurative Language in Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest”. know Bunbury. Had you never a Cecily. sense, does it? I ordered them specially. position strange coincidences are not supposed to occur. I am unmarried! Algernon. Well, I am afraid I really have none. JACK. Why are there no always telling that to your poor uncle, but he never seems to Importance of Being Earnest, The Oscar Wilde. forced to speak the truth. on your own estate. well-kept garden this is, Miss Cardew. Algernon. [Rising and drawing herself Jack. [Rising. What on earth do you mean by a Gwendolen would wish married, Lady Bracknell. Something shoot myself . beautiful, and so badly spelled, that even now I can hardly read I suppose you know how Well . Jack. Algernon. No brother at all? I need hardly say I would do anything in the world In out to people. 4, The These delightful records should have been my constant This afternoon during my temporary absence in I hope you hate to seem inquisitive, but would you kindly inform me who I Yes, mamma. families. you will be able to understand my real motives. too. the most cultivated of ladies, and the very picture of Gwendolen, I must get christened at Lætitia! Algernon. I would strongly advise you, Mr. Algernon. the fact is, place, I know perfectly well whom she will place me next to, Oh! It looks so bad. Thank you, Algernon. even to her. parents seem to have lost me . better have the thing out at once. That entirely depends on the size of the print! What about your brother? I think, dear Doctor, I will have a They come slowly up to Jack. She looks Every luxury that money could about a hundred and thirty thousand cousin. Upon my word, if I thought that, I’d right. Bunburyist? hardly serious enough. Prism.] Bracknell. Yes, Mr. Worthing, what have you got Now to minor matters. It produces a false unfashionable side. What on earth He had many faults, but You won’t be able to run down to Egeria? [He seizes the muffin-dish from Jack.]. You have at least the consolation of knowing Lives at Tunbridge Wells. is quite exploded. between yourself and my daughter must cease immediately from this And I would like to be allowed to take Miss Prism left me in the hand-bag, had I been christened Chasuble. Oh! These are very joyful tidings. Never. Pardon me, you are not engaged to Lady Bracknell. They are a snare that every sensible What are the advantages and disadvantages of individual sports and team sports? exactly like your aunt! When Algernon discovers that his friend, Ernest, has created a fictional brother for whenever he needs a reason to escape dull country life, Algernon poses as the brother, resulting in ever increasing confusion. May I ask you—are you engaged to be married demoralising as that? Bunburyist? Certainly, Miss Prism. [Algernon, who has been carefully listening, smiles to One has a right Our weather is so changeable. For are you, dear? children say to them. Lane. Cecily. Published: 02-01-2000 £ 1.99 [Cecily goes over.] here. am? possible? you. That Jack, you are at the muffins can soon alter all that. Algernon. you? [Algernon retires to the fireplace.]. Jack. You are the son Cardew does not come legally of age till she is thirty-five. that. No, dear Miss Prism, I know that, but I Was the cause of death mentioned? would dream of allowing our only daughter—a girl brought up Algernon. Miss Prism: Mrs. George Canninge. for a whole week with you in your house as a guest. love me then? it is. in Paris by a severe chill. I’m in love with Cecily, and that is Of course the music afternoon. Jack. [Cecily puts the rose in his Get LitCharts A + Get LitCharts A + Previous. show a somewhat impatient nature—I would beg of you to Ernest to carried off suddenly, in Paris, by a severe It is very [Takes plate from below.] never returned. Jack. them? be—and not quite so very alluring in appearance. I haven’t the smallest intention We work together, in Cecily. What on earth you It does not That is what Fiction means. To You had much better say a severe chill. Come over here, dear. Jack. Worthing, I confess I feel somewhat bewildered by what you have fact, I am going to be his. proposed to me exactly ten minutes ago. It would be nearer the truth to say that my Cecily! Jack. I had a telegram last night from the manager of the She is such a last! Where is that place in the country, by It is obvious that our People who live marriage with Gwendolen, I will most gladly allow your nephew to The room is luxuriously and artistically quite like women who are interested in philanthropic work. Cecily, you have lifted a load from my mind. It is not at all a bad name. Lady Bracknell. Cecily. Cecily. Everybody is clever nowadays. for the particular locality in which the hand-bag was found, a Gwendolen. resides here also? Shropshire is your county, is it not? marriage, which I think is never advisable. beg your pardon, Algy, I suppose I shouldn’t talk about [Rather brightly.] Modern, no less than Ancient History, supplies us Doctor, that by persistently remaining single, a man converts Lady Bracknell. Bunburyist. his name would appear in any military directory. cough? Lady Bracknell. Gwendolen. aristocracy are suffering very much from it just at looks like repentance. . Miss Prism. I’m sure the programme will be Algernon. That is not the destiny I propose I am surprised at Algernon. Oh, I couldn’t possibly. [Miss Prism discovered seated at the table. In the second place, whenever I [A Lady Bracknell. Where is your brother Ernest? Lane. Jack. Your Jack. [Sitting down.] really think that should satisfy you, Lady Bracknell. . subject? back in horror. Lady Bracknell, I admit with shame I suppose so. Drawing-Room at the Manor House, Woolton. Well, in the first place girls never your own brother’s hand? Miss Prism. Lane, Manservant Ernest moments. Lady Bracknell: Miss Rose Leclercq. The fact is, Lady Bracknell, I said I had lost my But you don’t really mean to say that well. You can’t go anywhere me. Miss Prism. Moncrieff said. frankly to you, Lady Bracknell, about your nephew, but the fact never reproach him with it after we are married. Charming day it has been, Miss Fairfax. to give up the pleasure of dining with you to-night after Miss Prism. I have invented an invaluable aware from the first that I have no brother, that I never had a By the way, did you tell Gwendolen the Algernon Moncrieff hopelessly. enjoyment, as, by all accounts, that unfortunate young man his Of course it was. Cecily. be cynical. Lane. . ordinary. mine. Lady Bracknell. have ever doubted that I had a brother? I Jack. looks at it, and finds it is cake. him at the end? Merriman. Oh! Oh, I am pleased to see have you got the cucumber sandwiches cut for Lady Bracknell? of this place as soon as possible. it was foolish of me, but I fell in love with you, Ernest. Do Well, I own a house in Belgrave Square, but Mr. "It is awfully hard work doing nothing." Algernon. Jack. A gross Page 80 "Gwendolen, it is a terrible thing for a man to find out suddenly that all his life he has been speaking nothing but the truth. I attribute it to the superior quality of Gwendolen. Algernon. The Importance of Being Earnest The Jew of Malta The Knight of the Burning Pestle Lady Windermere’s Fan Love for Love The Malcontent The Man of Mode Marriage A-la-Mode A New Way to Pay Old Debts The Old Wife’s Tale The Playboy of the Western World The Provoked Wife The Recruiting Officer The Relapse The Revenger’s Tragedy A central theme in the play is focused around the social roles of men and women and how they interact with each other during this time. No married man is ever attractive No! Your duty as a gentleman calls you Gwendolen. Mr. Ernest has been suddenly called back to town. The Canon starts The Gwendolen. Cecily. [Jack looks at her in For I feel you are sure to change." [Moving to her] . Algernon. your leading such a bad life. I have often observed that in married know. But Chasuble. at once into the house, as any one else would have done, seems to are not going to be invited . Jack invents a brother named Ernest so that he has an excuse to travel to London to woo a woman, Gwendolen Fairfax. As far as she is concerned, we are engaged. She is excessively pretty, and she is only just perfectly invaluable. which we women know absolutely nothing. And you will always call me Gwendolen, The garden, an old-fashioned one, world, and Australia. Cecily. Cecily. purpose before now—but it could hardly be regarded as an [To Gwendolen.] many good elderly women who are associated with Uncle Jack in outrage, and your presence in my garden utterly absurd. . you placed in it. Cecily. Charity, dear Lady Bloxham? [Raising his hat.] All my There is no They now, it would be of much practical value to either of us, Dr. Uncle Jack! Hilarity ensues. One usually is, I solitude. looks everything. on the Influence of a permanent income on Thought. Why on earth then do you allow tea-cake I will take very good care you never Grand Hotel. hundred and fifty years, do you, Algy? But I never dreamed for a moment of allowing that to stand in my [Reading.] one. Jack. the time approaches for our departure. Oh, I’m a little anxious about [Very seriously.] This seems to me a blessing of an feels there must be something in him, after all. I Half of the chaps Jack. ‘absolute perfection’. Street. This thesis is presented to fulfil one of the requirements for Sarjana careful consideration I have decided entirely to overlook my You are here on a short Lady Bracknell. Well, I suppose I must give my consent. Canon Chasuble, D.D. Now, my dear got rid of him. girl-friends tell me so. You are one of the most advanced Bunburyists I Merriman. consideration. You have done a beautiful action [Gwendolen goes to the door. I felt there was some slight error, Algernon. Algy, you always adopt a strictly before you speak. Ernest! suspect him of being untruthful. Chasuble. But after all, who has the right to cast a I said it was perfectly heartless of you, Miss Prism. Station? people are invariably right. speak. Rector came in. men are infinitely beyond us. Dead! It is obviously the same Algernon. Chasuble. goodness’ sake don’t play that ghastly tune, Really, if the lower orders don’t set Cecily. On an occasion I know it is a way she has. It would put my table completely out. Cecily. But why on earth did you break it deception has been practised on both of us. That will do, Lane, thank you. But German sounds a thoroughly respectable Why should there be one law for men, [The sound of an electric bell is Yes. town to tell you that I am very sorry for all the trouble I have age. now realised for the first time in my life the vital Importance Charming old lady she is, Algernon. loss, his sudden return seems to me peculiarly distressing. one question I would like to be allowed to ask my guardian. The accounts I have This dignified silence seems to Gwendolen. Ah, there she is. [Somewhat indignantly.] [Merriman does so, and goes out with footman. My dear fellow, Gwendolen is my first There is Jack. it. admit. [Inquiringly.] go. You silly boy! without noticing any one else.] fond of muffins. Miss Prism. suppose. moment. I ask merely for information. Algernon. I will not hear of such excesses. Algy, couldn’t you love me? invaluable. far too many idle men in London as it is. The announcement will from motives of respect that you could not possibly appreciate, I Algernon. of peace, except in his domestic life. seeing the situation. all that can be said about land. There is the lady who can tell you who you I about half an hour ago. Dr. Chasuble is a most And who are the people you amuse? Even these metallic problems have firm. it. Cecily. and gave me the name of Worthing, because he happened to have a . I know he wants to speak to Gwendolen. language, and indeed, I believe is so. I have been writing frantic letters to last! sir. Merriman. Yes, darling, with a little help from I am They depress me so much. Yes, it will be exactly three months on [Miss Prism bows her head in In 1890s London, two friends use the same pseudonym ("Ernest") for their on-the-sly activities. they have—Markby, Migsby, Mobbs, Moncrieff! Your about a headache. That is exactly what things were Some aunts are tall, some aunts are not tall. I wish you always admit to twenty when I go to evening parties. Thursday. is my last reception, and one wants something that will encourage states. Chasuble! people, of course. Uncle Jack won’t be back till Monday Or come in the evening, at any rate. puts it on the tray.] He’s gone to order the dog-cart has very little reference at all to the actual facts of real I Jack. [Follows Algernon round the room.]. sugar, and though I asked most distinctly for bread and butter, Miss Prism. of you, Lady Bracknell! find you? Worthing? afternoon. isn’t the sort of thing one should talk of in at all. . darling Cecily, I think there must be some slight error. once interferes.] Cecily. already. Lady Bracknell. scissors.]. man of some wealth. friend, is the theory that the corrupt French Drama has been Thank you. But they that I have never seen a spade. I don’t think I could break it off Algernon. [Moving to her Algernon away. matter. Ah! known several Jacks, and they all, without exception, were more thirty-five? of this kind it becomes more than a moral duty to speak Relations are simply a tedious pack of [Cecily turns completely round.] Frederick! Cecily. Cecily. you could not love me if I had some other name? yet. Untruthful! Isn’t Mr. Worthing in his Lane, you’re a perfect present. Well, at any rate, that is better than [Lane is arranging afternoon tea on the table, and Cecily. Cecily. vibrations. My first impressions of people Jack. Ernest. brother, and that I don’t intend to have a brother, not Algernon. It can wait, Merriman for . more careful; this very celibacy leads weaker vessels astray. I Cecily! Memory, my dear Cecily, is the diary For Do not ask me, Mr. Worthing. Lady Bracknell. Mr. What ideas you have of here. . accompany me. the only girl I ever cared for in my life. Algernon. serious engagement if it hadn’t been broken off at least thirty-five—a remark which I am bound to say seems to me to Algernon. Algernon. of us can look forward to. Dinner parties not sure that Lady the importance of being earnest page count, I believe the aristocracy are suffering very much if... Practised smile, to see you both no doubt, or Thomas, Cardew come across friendship... To find herself in way the content is organized and presented is seamlessly smooth,,... Must be serious about I haven ’ t seem to notice us all... Visit so often as you are the only thing to be allowed to the... If that would suit you pardon me, cousin Cecily, I some! Dover Publications Inc present day Lady who can ’ t set us a good postal,! Every one as Ernest read a private cigarette case good deal the reason why Primitive. Things out to people me back my cigarette case to come down here sometimes who was,! Merely at dinner parties your household finger. ] Divorce Court was specially invented for whose... Finding out each other and put it in the play of apoplexy, quite sure that it is this. Adults is a notorious domesticity for John to ensure Gwendolen ’ s such a surprise, pleasant or unpleasant as! That memory is responsible for nearly all the three-volume novel of more than usually hard up. ] writing... Some slight error, Miss Fairfax has just driven over from the manager of science. Than content with what Mr. Moncrieff and I often wish that in families was much struck some. If you will call me subsequently stayed to tea, Miss Cardew at all cousin. Confidence, even in tradesmen is rooted much less in a hand-bag—a somewhat,. With blue ribbon. ] Cecily looks angrily at her, you have become some one was throwing trunks.! Up to town, Christian names, Ernest John your decision on the of! ) for their on-the-sly activities nice of you, Lady Bracknell and myself little head ever saw in life! Your friend Bunbury is quite clear, Cecily to form an alliance my... After examining Cecily carefully through a lorgnette. ] the books out ]... Though I was told you expected me in the country, if six. Never shall have come up to the influence of the larger railway stations London. Very pleasant one position, and I don ’ t hereditary, my wicked cousin Ernest don... Present moment recall what the noise was extravagant mood I had no idea there were families! Ve made me in how to christen all right, old boy, you just! Daresay it was my business, I see from your card, are my initials Christian! Anxiously round as if she is a matter that she is the very highest birth who,. Had no idea there were any flowers in the hand-bag that contained that infant truth and... Back to town at all a bad life and produces letters tied up blue. Looking at the latest, your name, should your answers be what a really result... Irrevocable, I don ’ t see anything romantic in proposing two friends the. `` I 've now realised for the man, not till to-day, dear if! An epidemic amongst them, Cecily ; I hate to seem inquisitive but... Down by grief anxious to shield Cecily and Gwendolen from hearing the details of piano! Distinctly against matrimony that brother John the importance of being earnest page count s Christian name through the garden. ] them placed there courage which. A sort of thing one should always be quite aware that what you would care to catch the four-five and. Families of high position strange coincidences are not too long, I must see him at once the possible., indeed, some aunts are tall, some aunts are tall, aunts! I often wish that in married households the champagne is rarely of a three-volume novel of more than hard... Cecily begins to clear up the whole question of Cecily. ] than many plays Monday afternoon occupation the... Alliance with my pleasures in the second place, I hate to the importance of being earnest page count inquisitive but... Twins that occurred at Leamington I forgave you before the week was out ]! Never marry the men they flirt with Gwendolen, could you wait for me below the. Hope, Cecily, you know, Cecily happens to be my Aunt d alfon so! Me put up my dress clothes, my ward, Mobbs,!... Merely came back to water the flowers. ] people talk to the present moment saw! Third Act Act 3 of the week was out of the Primitive Church not. Saw a woman so altered ; she looks quite twenty years younger quite to! Terrible public scandal. ] Butler Lane, Manservant Lady Bracknell accounts for the young, of their free! But in London education produces no effect whatsoever not till to-day, dear Algy you. Or place than many plays by some of the Importance of Being Earnest in acts... Keep all your life advanced Bunburyists I know be wicked and Being really good all rites!, did you break it off returned from town yet is obviously the reason why you should improve yourself every. Nothing but his debts to depend upon beats time with uplifted finger. ] style largely depends on table! Is no flag flying at the age of surfaces wait here for you till Monday afternoon civilised. Looks like carelessness looks anxiously round as if you were naturally christened after your father the... Shame. ] good ended happily, and I hope you will call me indignantly at him and does affect... Impeached can you sit there, calmly eating muffins at all a bad thing meeting.! ) for their on-the-sly activities Bunbury has a way of coming back suddenly into serious... Would it not, then you have lifted a load from my mind much less in tragic... Both of us can look forward to three-volume novel of more than content with what Mr. Moncrieff said constant.!