Sesame street has made a wonderful video for children that talks about loving their own hair. I'm asking our press department to put it on a DVD and when she gets older, I'm going to share it with her and show her how it took off on YouTube and stuff.[3]”. I love my hair. Person in Michigan wins Mega Millions' $1 billion jackpot, 2nd-largest total ever, Capitol riot latest: Man who allegedly dragged beaten officer down steps charged, Iran, pressured by blackouts and pollution, targets Bitcoin, For GOP firebrand Rep. Lauren Boebert, anger and suspicion linger after Capitol riot, Police ask for ceasefire after South LA sees 59 shooting victims in 1st weeks of 2021, "I Love My Hair" Video Teaches Self-Acceptance. Login - Register; Introduce Yourself; Open Forum; Higher Standard Required I read comment on youtube from women of other ethnicities with similar texture hair to the muppet. ABC News found hundreds of responses on the Internet like this: "I wish 'Sesame Street' would've had this segment about 18-19 years ago because my mother and I surely needed to see this message.". I Love My Hair – Sesame Street Video. Labels: Multicultural Awareness, Natural Hair, Sesame Street … Mazzarino also stated he'd like to produce more segments similar to this, even using classic Sesame songs, such as "The Skin I'm In. Sesame has done it again to help parents with their children understand their self. They said the video moved them as well. The video was posted on Sesame Workshop's YouTube channel in October 2010, and quickly garnered online attention for its positive message. 1:39 PREVIEW Kids Just Love to Brush. The viral video of a brown Muppet, meant to represent an African-American girl, singing, "I really, really, really love my hair" has been visited by a quarter of a million people on YouTube. "I just want kids to know their hair is beautiful," Mazzarino said. "I Love My Hair" debuted on the Oct. 4 episode of Sesame Street. Or let it sit in an afro. In a separate interview, Johnson's agent said talks were underway for further voice appearances, and Mazzarino suggested he'd like to continue working with the character. Sesame Street Season: 41 Episode: 53 A song about loving your hair. Discover I Love My Hair T-Shirt from Afro, a custom product made just for you by Teespring. commentary on the news from 2009…and then some ‘I Love My Hair’ from PBS’ Sesame Street (w/Update) This is Chantylla Johnson who sang "I Love My Hair" UPDATE (~1:30 p.m., … One product, Hair Strate perm, tells black women that the product will keep their hair so straight, they can "swim, shower, shampoo ... hair can't revert!".  However, my initial reaction was, “Where was this video when I was struggling to figure out why my dolls didn’t look like me?”  NPR reported that the video aired on the October 4 episode of Sesame Street and was created by Joey … I love my hair, so I must declare: I really, really, really love my hair. On my blog Cocoa Fly, I wrote about how the spunky character touched the little black girl in me. Comedian Chris Rock said he was prompted to make his documentary about the $9 billion black hair business "Good Hair" when his five-year-old daughter asked him, "'Daddy, how come I don't have good hair? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Front Porch. But last week, while working my twists in an up do, I caught myself singing, "I love my hair, I love my hair." Initially nameless, the character was named Segi in Season 45 (named after Joey Mazzarino 's adopted daughter, for whom Mazzarino wrote "I Love My Hair") and given a prominent role in Episode 4503 . You know what I love? There’s nothing else that can compare with my hair. Joey Mazzarino, the head writer at "Sesame Street," who is also a puppeteer, adopted a little girl from Ethiopia named Segi. I doubt whether Sesame Street is attempting… This Black Sista's Memorial Page. Do she wish her hair was a different texture? "Sesame Street" is tackling beauty issues, teaching all girls to love their hair with a song entitled, "I Love My Hair." Her early days of standup included her portrayal of a little black girl who wore a towel on her head. Sesame Street: Song -- I Love My Hair A producer for Sesame Street came up with the song and idea after his adopted daughter, who’s from Africa, complained about wanting straight hair. October 22, 2010 Lady Bliss Leave a comment Go to comments. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? [2] Córdova performed the song on Good Morning America on May 10, 2013. Cute! Click here to return to the "World News" page. There was a piece on Diane Sawyer that had pretty much the only picture [of her] released, because I want to keep her away from the media, but her friends were saying, 'I saw you on TV last night!' ... Hopefully that stays that way," he said. ... She would look at Barbies and really want the hair. personal loan not a payday loan. Segi started saying negative things about herself and her own hair. / It’s curly and it’s brown and it’s right up there. Sesame Street Song I Love My Hair October 18, 2010 — -- "Sesame Street" has always been about learning. 'I Love My Hair' Video Inspired By Father's Love of Daughter: 'Sesame Street' Writer Pens Song To Help Black Girls Love Their Hair, Meet Mando: Sesame Street’s New Hispanic Character, Curly haired Muppet is role model for little girls, Sesame Street writer Joey Mazzarino on "I Love My Hair", 1:32 PREVIEW Comb Your Face. ! Now Playing: {{itm.title}} "I want to make the world aware I love my hair." You know what I love. sesame, street, hair, love, i love, pelo, cabello, plaza, sesamo, cancion, song, about, kids, education, enviroment, HD, HQ "I ♥ My Hair" (green, 9 different illustrations) t-shirt, "I ♥ My Hair" (pink, twist illustration) t-shirt, "I ♥ My Hair" (blue, fro illustration) t-shirt, "I ♥ My Hair" (gray, 5 different photos) t-shirt, "Me encanta mi cabello" (black, 4 different photos) t-shirt (, Sesame Street I Love My Hair Song (Mando's Spanish Version). "She was going through this phase where she really wanted like the long, blonde hair. Kudos to Sesame Street. H.E.R. I want to make the world aware I love my hair. The producer, who is white, wanted to show his daughter and others like her that they should love and accept their hair. "I was reading some [responses] the other day and I just started to well up," he said. Mazzarino decided to help his daughter and other young girls appreciate their beauty. I really love my hair… When Sesame Street premiered its I Love My Hair skit in … Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Take Whoopi Goldberg for instance. Transcript for 'I Love My Hair' Video Teaches Self-Acceptance This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate. Sesame head writer Joey Mazzarino told New YorkMagazine: Mazzarino also stated he'd like to produce more segments similar to this, even using classic Sesame songs, such as "The Skin I'm In." Edit. The Sesame Street character has no name; Muppets like this are usually called Anything Muppets. Baby Bear's Brown Stickers as Segi Lyrics . ", The idea of "good hair" and the feeling that one must have straight hair can be seen in vintage ads for black beauty products. "She was jumping up and down, dancing and she really loved it," Mazzarino said. 13. If … Cast. We have to plant the seeds of positive self-image in our girls early. Wear a clippy or in a bow. "I just hope little kids, little girls see this and really feel positive and great about themselves.". If you have a black daughter, niece, sister, mentee, etc please share this video with her. The video, which has made many people smile, was inspired by one father's love for his daughter. The Sesame Street Follicles, Sesame Street's Kevin. So she thought that was cool, but I'm not letting her watch any of this yet. On July 17, the artist shared the video of her performance of "I Love My Hair" on IGTV. Mazzarino wrote the song and with the help of the "Sesame Street" designed the little girl Muppet dancing around, wearing different hairstyles like braids and cornrows, singing, "Don't need a trip to the beauty shop because I love what I've got on top. Sing along and make the world aware that YOU love your hair! "[4] In a separate interview, Johnson's agent said talks were underway for further voice appearances, and Mazzarino suggested he'd like to continue working with the character. Ismael Cruz Córdova, who portrays the character, re-wrote the song entirely in Spanish for his audition and the producers were so fond of it, they reworked it and incorporated it to the show. 1:49 PREVIEW Bathtub of Seville. Eleven-year-old Monique told ABC News, "I think I want to straighten my hair because it's curly and it's puffy.". By season 45, the little girl was named Segi and was a recurring character during the season. As Mazzarino and his wife watched their daughter grow, he noticed a change when she started playing with Barbies. Posted by Sheripha at 8:05 PM . As for her relationship with her hair, Mazzarino said she loves her hair now. The same little black girl who wanted her kinky hair to blow in the … Sesame Street's Placido Flamingo. Sesame Street is a production of Sesame Workshop, a nonprofit educational organization which also produces Pinky Dinky Doo, The Electric Company, and other programs for children around the world. But one particular muppet is getting tremendous praise for her latest lesson; teaching young, black girls that their hair is beautiful just the way it is. With world-class production and customer support, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Since then Mazzarino has been amazed at the groundswell of support from African, African American, Latina and biracial girls and women. "She's like my little muse," Mazzarino said. Does your child hate her hair? I want to make the world aware I love my hair.” The video debuted on Sesame Street on October 4, and was placed on its Sesame Street You Tube page. I feel like they did. 8. The viral video of a brown Muppet, meant to represent an African-American girl, singing, "I really, really, really love my hair" has been visited by a quarter of a million people on YouTube. Keywords . She sings about how proud she is of her hair and the many ways she can wear it. She would put on wigs, she would want her hair like her mom's or a Barbie, and I thought maybe it was an issue because she was being raised by white parents and she sees us every day. You see, she normally wears it up, in a pony or 2 braids. Email This BlogThis! 1:40 PREVIEW Everybody Wash. Bert & Ernie. It was posted on the show's YouTube page -- and then women began posting the video on their Facebook pages. Sesame Street:Song: I Love My Hair Sesame Street has become the coolest street and the most multiculturally inclusive place to be. So I asked my executive producer, 'Hey, can I take a shot at writing something for this?' Sesame Street Sticker Books/I Love My Hair (from Sesame Street) < Sesame Street Sticker Books. "I Love My Hair" is a Sesame Street song performed by an Anything Muppet girl. "She's really come into her own. It does so many things you know, that’s why I let it grow. "I Love My Hair" – Thanks Sesame Street! A Sesame Street Monster. I showed this video to my mom this morning, and she jokingly asked if Sesame Street made that song for me. That's right. It's curly and it's brown, and it's right up there. 12. The girl, later named "Segi", was voiced in the song by Chantylla Johnson and puppeteered by Kevin Clash. 25 Reasons We Love “A Different World” 47 Things You Didn’t Know About Michelle Obama The writer of the song, Joey Mazzarino, was inspired by his now 5-year-old… Sesame Street I Love My Hair Season 41 Home Latest Popular Trending My hair looks good in a cornrow. The Sesame Street Bath Boys. [5] The character returned the following season with a new song, "Change the World." The video hasn't struck a chord only with little girls, but grown African-American women as well. 11. Baby Bear's Brown Stickers: Don't need a trip to the beauty shop 'cause I love what I got on top. Mami2Mommy retweeted this video today. - I My Hair Sesame Street The 1960s "Black is beautiful" movement brought the Afro into fashion, but it was never able to completely drown out the historical and perhaps subliminal message for young black girls that their hairdo was a don't. We should all love our hair. I heard the song from the Sesame Street video that went viral last week. This isn't just my child, it's [happening with other] African-American girls.' I love how they go out of their way to keep up with what's going on in this ever evolving world. My hair! "I am just amazed at how far the reach is.". Segi is a little Anything Muppet girl who sang "I Love My Hair" in Season 41 of Sesame Street, subsequently appearing in other musical segments. Spread the word. I can’t believe I hadn’t seen it before! 24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events. ABC news talked to several young, African American girls, who told us their feelings about their hair. We recently came across this video and had to share with our readers. Funny thing is, I had just had a conversation with my 8 year old about hair this morning and how beautiful it is in all it’s “bigness”. 9. Muppets of color were seen singing about embracing their afros, braids and curls. The character returned the follow… I love my hair, I love my hair. The video features a brown Muppet with an afro proudly singing why she loves her hair. But then when Chris Rock's film Good Hair came out, I was talking to my executive producer about it and I realized, 'Oh, this is a bigger issue. The products tell young black women to straighten their hair. The segment was released online on October 10, 2013 and was televised with Episode 4413. Sesame Street encourages us and hopefully future generations to love the hair on their head. Styleite has helpfully transcribed the lyrics. [1] Following the original debut of the segment, other airings feature a modified music track. The video, which has made many people smile, … We knew issues of skin color would come up, and then hair came up a bit last year when she wasn't really loving her curls and wanted to have long, blonde, straight hair. For Mazzarino, the response has been overwhelming. I love my hair. "This is my long, luxurious blonde hair," Goldberg said. I love the Sesame Street “I Love My Hair” video because it aims to teach young girls about self-acceptance while building positive self-esteem. Remember late last year when Sesame Street debuted their "I Love My Hair" song? 1:21 … Another woman wrote online, "My daughter loves this video. Previously, he had no conception about how much this was an issue among … Sesame Street Celebrates "I Love My Hair" With Apparel. Here's an excerpt: I love my hair, so I must declare: I really, really, really love my hair. ", Segi is not alone. A new, bilingual version of the song ("Me Encanta Mi Cabello") was performed by Armando and Segi in Season 44. Sesame Street: Song -- I Love My Hair lesson plan template and teaching resources. later performed the song in episode 110 of The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo. The reaction of Mazzarino's daughter might have been the most important reaction of all. because we had finished our writing season and we were into shooting the show and we had nothing really left to write or even slots left to shoot it in. I could see her eyes light up as she began to sing along with a little girl with hair like hers. 10. The feelings held by Monique and Mazzarino's daughter are nothing new in the black community. 'I Love My Hair' debuted on the Oct. 4 episode of Sesame Street and is a love letter from father to daughter.